We shape change.

Digitalisation, energy revolution, new mobility – the world we live in is changing at a terrific pace. Processes and decision-making are getting more and more complex; it’s more important than ever to keep your eye on the big picture. And that’s a good thing. We see that as a chance for a better future. Together with our customers and partners, we shape tomorrow’s world today – and we’ve been doing so for more than 25 years.

We bring people together

So your topic is complex? We’ll get to the heart of it. You’re looking at an explosive situation in terms of stakeholders’ interests? We’ll make constructive use of the tension. We listen, dig deeper and understand. For our customers we bring the right people to the table and get them talking. That leads to solutions which are off the beaten track, revolutionary strategies and ground-breaking alliances. On location in the enterprises or round the big table in ministries: we visualise the wisdom of crowds, look out beyond the end of our own nose and find creative solutions; yet in our planning we remain both authoritative and flexible.

We combine informed content and cooperative methods

We’re knowledgeable, and we’re familiar with the scene and the debates going on within it. We invest in data-driven analyses, the innovation potential of interdisciplinary teams and the experience of the people on location. We know which methods lead to success: from design thinking to citizens’ workshops, from platform management via media campaigns to the final comma. We offer a full range of problem solutions, all from a single provider. If that sounds exciting … it is!

Regional roots, global activities

In 1995, ifok founder Dr. Hans-Peter Meister trod new ground with his idea of dialogue and participation. Until today, we have upheld that pioneering spirit. Locally firmly rooted and at home in europe and the world as part of the international Cadmus Family. That’s why we’ve got international experts on speed dial, but also know what it is that concerns the people on location.

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years of experience

ifok stands for sustainability

For ifok, sustainable development is not just a trend topic. It’s where we stand and what we strive for. For us, climate protection and prosperity are not opposites. We work with impassioned pragmatism toward economic progress in harmony with man and Nature. To do that, we create space. So that everyone can have a say in shaping their living environment, actively and democratically.

We are a climate-neutral company. We offset the emissions of our business activities completely through climate protection projects.

We are ifok

Open-minded and agile, full of ideas and thoroughly committed: we aim to shape, connect, encourage. We are ifox because we’re convinced and motivated – convinced of the opportunities thrown up by change, motivated to shape that change together. We are a motley crew: here, political scientists work with environmental engineers, communication scientists cogitate together with graphic designers. In one of our offices on the Spree, Rhine or Isar, at our country seat in Bensheim or mobile from en route: we ifox love what we do. See for yourself!

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