About IFOK.ideactive

IFOK.ideactive can…

  • Transform event participants into active contributors.
  • Instantly gather opinions and ideas, quickly structure and synthesise them, and make them available for further work in real-time.
  • Enable an effective, engaging dialogue at events.

Fotograf Andre Wagenzik, IfB!-Fachtagung 2012, IFOKHow does IFOK.ideactive work?
IFOK.ideactive enables participants to play an active role in an event, at any time in the proceedings. In doing so it and through its multifaceted uses, IFOK.ideactive differentiates itself significantly from other participation instruments. Be they large or small groups, podium discussions or interactive workshops – with two tailored formats available IFOK.ideactive offers the full range of options without expensive programming needs. And it works on every smartphone or tablet device.

Ideactive2How can you use IFOK.ideactive?
IFOK.ideactive enables event participants, for example, to actively participate in panel debates. Questions and comments are sent in real-time to the moderator, enabling them to become the voice of the audience. Two things which convinced the food industry association Die Lebensmittelwirtschaft e.V. to use IFOK.ideactive1:“In a dialogue, everyone has a say. That’s why we chose this new approach” Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein, CEO of the association said. “We want to capture as many questions and comments as possible to ensure we have as broad a spectrum of opinions as possible”.

Ideactive3With IFOK.ideactive10 it is possible to harness high-quality results in a short space of time, independent of the number of participants. Contributions are collated by the group moderator and processed immediately, be it for further discussion or for instant documentation. An intensive exchange between participants is guaranteed with discussions taking place in parallel amongst any number of groups with up to 10 participants. Like this every voice is heard and, if required, different topics can be discussed in parallel.

What do others say about IFOK.ideactive?

“Before, I could not really imagine that it would be possible to reach such high-quality outcomes, in such a short period of time, and with such a breadth of issues under discussion. But the event design, the ideactive tool and the facilitation by IFOK all completely convinced me, and exceeded expectations!” says Dr. Martin Pohlmann, Advisor for Sustainable Development at the Ministry of Environment, Health and Consumer Protection of the Federal State of Brandenburg (MUGV).

Ideactive4Want to know more about IFOK.ideactive?
Contact us if you would like more information and ideas on how participation software can enrich your event and make it more engaging for participants.
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