Pan-European Study published

Civil Society Participation in European Transport Policies and Projects: IFOK publishes pan-European study on behalf of the EESC

On behalf of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) IFOK has written and published a study detailing how European transport policies and projects might become more cooperative and (better) involve civil society. The pan-European study supports the work of the EESC’s Permanent Study Group on the European Commission’s Transport White Paper by identifying good practice which might serve to inspire and be implemented elsewhere.
Following extensive pan-European research into civil society participation in transport policies and practices, four examples of good practice were identified in-line with key criteria (including impact on decision-making, high ranking on the Arnstein ladder of participation, and geographical scope). These are detailed in the study, helping to illustrate what is being done – and how – to engage stakeholders in a substantive fashion. Key lessons were drawn from these case studies, and augmented by IFOK’s wealth of experience in the design and implementation of innovative participation processes.
Importantly, the study also puts forward a number of approaches by which the EESC might contribute to make European (transport) policy more cooperative, and further strengthen the role and voice of civil society. The study concludes with a proposal for a set of guidelines on civil society participation, and how these might be drawn up in a collaborative fashion.

The study has been presented a number of times in Brussels already, with interest in its findings extending across the European institutions – and, increasingly, into civil society organisations and member states. The study can be viewed here.

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