Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Shaping dialogue on climate action between Germany and the United States and Canada

The Transatlantic Climate Bridge initiative was launched in 2008 by the German Ministry for
Environment (BMU) and the German Federal Foreign Office. It serves as a platform for dialogue on climate and energy with actors in the United States and Canada. The initiative aims to foster on-going transatlantic cooperation and partnerships in the climate and energy arena on all levels, to highlight common solutions, to support exchange of experiences and to raise awareness of the economic advantages of ambitious climate policy.

To achieve these goals, IFOK and its U.S. parent company, Cadmus, have been contracted to design and implement a series of formats for dialogue in the United States and Canada beginning in 2018. These formats include: two conferences on climate and innovation, one in Pittsburgh, USA and one in Canada; a series of town hall meetings on topics such as carbon pricing, “mobility of the future” and the sustainable transformation of cities; and two region-to-region delegation exchange tours on the topics of structural transition and climate innovation.

IFOK is currently working with the BMU to plan an exchange tour in June 2018 on “Structural Transition and Sustainable Economies”. The exchange tour will bring a delegation from Germany, predominantly from the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, to the Province of Alberta, Canada. Over the course of one week, participants—including representatives from public sector, private sector, academia and civil society—will exchange experiences, ideas and approaches to structural transition and climate protection in the context of carbon-intensive and highly industrialized regions. As the finale of the program, participants will share the outcomes of the exchange tour for a wide, international audience at the ICLEI World Congress in Montreal, Canada.

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