Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Shaping dialogue on climate action between Germany, the United States and Canada

The Transatlantic Climate Bridge initiative was launched in 2008 by the German Federal Ministry for Environment (BMU) and the German Federal Foreign Office. It serves as a platform for dialogue on climate and energy issues between diverse stakeholders in Germany and the United States, and Germany and Canada.

The aim of the Transatlantic Climate Bridge is to foster a platform for dialogue on climate and energy issues. On both sides of the Atlantic, transformation towards a carbon-neutral and climate-resilient society requires accelerated action on behalf of states, cities, companies and citizens, and intensified collaboration between multiple levels of government. The Transatlantic Climate Bridge offers opportunities to highlight common solutions, exchange best practices and innovative approaches, and spark new partnerships.

To achieve these goals, IFOK and its U.S. parent company, Cadmus, have been contracted to design and implement a series of formats for dialogue in the United States and Canada.

Recent Activities

At the Global Climate Action Summit in September 2018, the Transatlantic Climate Bridge brought together representatives from federal, state, and city governments—including speakers from the United States, Canada, Germany, Costa Rica and South Africa—for an interactive discussion on scaling up climate action. The focus was on shaping transformative climate action through collaboration across and between multiple levels of government and diverse stakeholders.

In June 2018, the Transatlantic Climate Bridge led a delegation from Germany to the Province of Alberta, Canada for an exchange on structural transition and climate protection in the context of carbon-intensive and highly industrialized regions. The exchange included representatives from the public sector, private sector, academia and civil society and incorporated sessions and site visits for intensive exchange on just transition, municipal and state/provincial strategies and sustainable innovation.

Upcoming Activities

The Transatlantic Climate Bridge aims to foster exchange on issues of growing mutual importance for addressing climate change, including just transitions, local- and state-level energy transition, enhanced collaboration between multiple levels of government, transformation of the transportation sector, building climate-friendly cities, the role of community and stakeholder engagement, climate and innovation, and the role of digitalization, among others.
Planned upcoming formats include conferences, town hall meetings, and delegation exchanges in the United States and Canada. The details and partnerships for these formats are still being confirmed.

Further Information and Contact

For further information on upcoming activities and interest in potential partnerships, feel free to contact

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