District Mobility Concept

Public Participation in the Development of an Integrated Mobility Concept for the District of Lüneburg

IFOK is working with the District of Lüneburg to develop an integrated mobility concept together with its citizens. The mobility concept lays out the foundation for integrating separate modes of transportation and for establishing an affordable, sustainable and future-oriented transportation system.

The aim of the integrated mobility concept is to provide the district with an accessible, affordable, implementable concept that meets the reflects the most modern standards and meets local and national goals, such as GHG emissions reduction targets.

In developing the concept, IFOK designed and oversaw a participatory process to intensively engage the broader public and affected administrative bodies, supporting the development of a mobility concept that is tailored to local needs. This participatory process included planning forums, working groups, a praxis dialogue with district residents, among other formats. IFOK worked closely with its local technical partner, PTV Consult, who conducted analyses to serve as a quantitative basis for the mobility concept.

Central components of the plan were: integrating city and district public transportation systems, designing and shaping innovative mobility offers for rural areas and incorporating the role of non-motorized transportation throughout the district.

Client: District of Lüneburg

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