HyTrustPlus, a study accompanying the national innovation program for hydrogen and fuel cell technology, illustrates expectations, potential for change and ideas to engage diverse actors in the development of a future hydrogen economy.

As both a medium for storage and a fuel, hydrogen can play an important role in achieving an energy transition. The development of a hydrogen economy will become increasingly visible in the mobility sector, as the corresponding infrastructure and the first series hydrogen vehicles enter the market. As the same time, hydrogen plays a relatively more minor role in broader societal discussions on energy.

To support the HyTrustPlus study, IFOK established focus groups in select regions in Germany to discuss opportunities and risks of the hydrogen economy with randomly selected participants. Furthermore, IFOK was responsible for bringing the topic of hydrogen more prominently into the focus of discussion amongst environmental and consumer protection groups.

IFOK also organized a learning workshop for youth to raise awareness on hydrogen for future generations. A mixture of group work, presentations, discussions, experiments, site visits and creative work ensured that youth participants were able to better grasp the multi-faceted theoretical and practical aspects of a future hydrogen economy.

Client: National Organization for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology GmbH (NOW)

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