International Transportation

Berlin’s International Transportation Conference

With the anticipated Berlin Mobility Act, planned to be adopted in early 2018, the City of Berlin is making a significant step in its implementation of a mobility and transportation transition—a step deemed indispensable to achieving the climate protection goals set by the German Federal Government.

The Berlin International Transportation Conference will mark an important milestone in the City’s mobility and transportation transition; this event will give the city an opportunity to present its transportation policy, discuss this in comparable contexts of other large cities and to send strong messages to supporters and critics of its policy.

IFOK is responsible for the design and implementation of the overall event. Over the course of a two-day conference program, political actors and technical experts will be able to exchange knowledge on key questions, to discuss and to take new insights with them. In an exchange between key actors from Berlin and experts from comparable cities, participants will be able to discuss detailed design of possible implementation measures for a mobility and transportation transition.

Client: Berlin Senate for Environment, Transportation and Climate Protection

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