National Cycling Congress

The National Cycling Congress is the most significant convening in Germany on the topic of cycling. The biannual congress was initiated in 2009 by the Federal Ministry for Transportation and Digital Infrastructure and celebrated the 200th anniversary of the bicycle in its fifth convening in 2017.

The goal of the congress is to foster exchange on the future of cycling, particularly within the context of increasing digitalization and electrification of cycling. Central discussion themes included current trends in cycling, such as connected bikes, autonomous vehicles, and instruments for intelligent transportation planning.

IFOK developed the program for the 5th convening in 2017, incorporating over 60 speakers and 15 expert forums on the topics of “infrastructure and planning”, “Data and Digitalization”, “Technology and Economy”, “Cycling and Culture”, as well as “Research and Development”. Experts from diverse fields discussed the future of cycling in a digital society. Over 800 participants joined, including representatives from public administration, politics, academia, business and associations.

Further information (in German):

Client: German Federal Ministry for Transportation and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI)

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