Dr. Michael Wormer

Member of the Executive Board

Focus: Sustainability, Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation, Infrastructure

Dr. Michael Wormer studied Biology, specialising in Settlement Ecology and Nature Conservation Strategies. He holds a PhD on nature conservation in urban areas – its potential and popular acceptance.

Michael began his career at IFOK in 1998, becoming Director of the company’s Environment department in 2008 and joining IFOK’s Board that same year. His client projects are in the fields of sustainability, climate change (mitigation and adaptation), energy, biodiversity, as well as in nature, environmental and resource protection, land use development and in infrastructure projects. Michael provides strategic and substantive consulting and support for political strategy and policy processes. He also works on deliberation and negotiation processes on controversial environmental and technology issues. Michael is an expert in the design and implementation of political strategy processes for sustainable development and for regional sustainability strategies. Michael is also a very experienced moderator and facilitator, for small and large groups alike, including panel discussions and citizen consultations, and an experienced mediator.