„As a team, we are always there for each other. I couldn’t ask for better colleagues.“

Carolin Piras
Consultant Sustainability

„Working with a sense of purpose, personal responsibility and development prospects in a motivated environment – that’s what ifok means to me.“

Manuel Kern
Consultant Communication and Campaigns

„ ifok is ahead of its time! We are working on the topics of the future. How we work? In the office, in the home office, flexibly and always as a team.“

Ana Isabel Eichel
Consultant Infrastructure

„Modern management culture, flat hierarchies and family friendliness. I experience this every day at ifok!“

Dr. Jan Beermann
Consultant Energy and Infrastructure

ifox are clever minds
with their heart in the right place

We love what we do and argue to do the best we can for the issue at hand. What counts for us are clever ideas, good arguments and sustainable solutions. Off-the-peg solutions are not what we do; we like to challenge and be challenged. That way, we continue to develop ourselves and our customers further. We shape change. Together, in a great team. Come and get to know us!

Managing Directors and Senior Consultants 

Dr. Margit Aufterbeck-Martin

Senior Consultant | Business Unit Manager | Work 4.0

Phone+49 89 262029303
Portrait Henning Banthien

Henning Banthien

Managing Director | Speaker of the Management Board

Phone+49 30 536077-14

Dr. Sarah Bastgen

Business Unit Manager | Event design & management

Phone+49 6251 8263-175
Portrait Kathrin Bimesdörfer

Kathrin Bimesdörfer

Member of the Management Board | Head of Innovation & International Business | Digitalisation and the Modern State

Phone+49 30 536077-19

Jacob Birkenhäger

Business Unit Manager | Deliberation, Open Government, Democracy

Phone+49 30 536077-45
Portrait Simon Carmagnole

Simon Carmagnole

Senior Consultant | Energy, Climate, Infrastructure

Phone+49 211 38547-540
Portrait Stefan Denig

Stefan Denig

Senior Consultant | Business Unit Manager | Transportation, Climate and Smart Cities

Phone+49 30 536077-37
Portrait Claudia Sikora

Claudia Dienst

Senior Consultant | Change Management

Phone+49 6251 8263-153

Dr. Sandra Dierig

Senior Consultant | Project Management and Organizational Development

Phone+49 6251 8263-181
Portrait Ralf Eggert

Ralf Eggert

Member of the Management Board | Infrastructure and Strategy

Phone+49 6251 8263-134

Silke Eschenbeck

Senior Consultant | Health

Phone+49 6251 8263-115
Portrait Hanno Focken

Hanno Focken

Senior Consultant | Strategic Foresight, Energy, Participation

Phone+49 30 536077-18

Carola Fotidis

Senior Art Director | Creative Project Management, Corporate Design, Editorial Design, Photographic Art Direction, Web Design

Phone+49 6251 8263-125

Manuel Frach

Senior Consultant | Project management, processes and structures

Phone+49 6251 8263-165

Tristan Fuhrmann

Senior Consultant | Open Government

Phone+49 30 536077-72

Ina Gamp

Senior Consultant | Organizational Development, Project and Change Manamgement

Phone+49 211 38547 543

Philipp Gassner

Senior Expert Editorial Work | Sustainability Communication and Digitalization

Phone+49 30 536077-34
Email+49 30 536077-34
Portrait Dr. Jonas Gobert

Dr. Jonas Gobert

Senior Consultant I Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and Open Governance

Phone+49 30 536077-29
Portrait Martina Goddard

Martina Goddard

Senior Consultant & Head of HR | Member of the Management Board | Work 4.0

Phone+49 6251 8263-138
Portrait Yasmin Hameed

Yasmin Hameed

Business Unit Manager | Innovation design & Co-creation

Phone+49 6251 8263-102
Portrait Janina Henning

Janina Henning

Senior Consultant | Business Unit Manager | Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 

Phone+49 30 536077-58

Julia Hoffmann

Senior Consultant | Climate & Energy

Phone+49 30 536077-74

Philipp Jähn

Senior Consultant | Energy and Infrastructure

Phone+49 6251 8263-107

Julia Jonas

Senior Consultant | Sustainability Communication & Campaigning

Phone+49 6251 8263-123
Portrait Christian Klasen

Christian Klasen

Head of Transport and Mobility | Business Unit Manager

Phone+49 30 536077-70
Portrait Sabine Klose

Sabine Klose

Member of the Management Board | Operations Management

Phone+49 6251 8263-103

Sandra Krahl

Senior Graphic Designer | Corporate Design, Web Design, Infographics, Illustrations

Phone+49 6251 8263-101
Portrait Dr. Hans-Peter Meister

Dr. Hans-Peter Meister

Shareholder Committee and Board of Advisers

Phone+49 6251 8263-140
Portrait Wencke Mons

Wencke Elaine Mons

Senior Consultant | Energy und Infrastructure

Phone+49 211 38547-531
Portrait Simon Oerding

Simon Oerding

Member of the Management Board | Energy and Infrastructure

Phone+49 211 38547-536
Portrait Yvette Richter

Yvette Richter

Member of the Management Board | Sustainability Communication and Campaigns

Phone+49 6251 8263-133
Portrait Martina Richwien

Martina Richwien

Member of the Management Board | Climate and Energy

Phone+49 30 536077-15

Robin Rieprich

Senior Consultant | Infrastructure

Phone+49 6251 8263-108

Prof. Dr. Dirk Rompf

Managing Director | Infrastructure, Climate, Energy, Digitalisation

Phone+49 6251 8263-180

Rebecca Ruhfaß

Senior Consultant | Infrastructure, Sustainable Development

Phone+49 6251 8263-109

Dr. André Schaffrin

Senior Consultant | Energy and Infrastructure, Dialogue, Impact Assessment

Phone+49 211 38547 539

Miriam Sontheim

Senior Consultant | Sustainability and Participation

Phone+49 89 262029301
Portrait Arne Spieker

Arne Spieker

Business Unit Manager | Infrastructure

Phone+49 211 38547-535
Portrait Inga Stern

Inga Stern

Senior Consultant | Sustainability Communications und Campaigns, Citizen Participation

Phone+49 30 536077-24
Portrait Volker Straub

Volker Straub

Member of the Management Board | Sustainability, Agriculture, Digitalization

Phone+49 30 536077-79
Portrait Anke Vollmer

Anke Vollmer

Senior Consultant | Sustainability, Stakeholder and Citizen Participation

Phone+49 6251 8263-105
Portrait Martin Wachter

Martin Wachter

Senior Consultant | Infrastructure

Phone+49 6251 8263-124
Portrait Dr. Michael Wormer

Dr. Michael Wormer

Member of the Management Board | Sustainability and Society

Phone+49 6251 8263-200

Dr. Özgür Yildiz

Senior Consultant | Climate & Energy

Phone+49 30 536077-38

Frank Zimmermann

Senior Consultant | Mobility Transition, Citizens’ Participation, and Development of Democracy, Sustainability

Phone+49 6251 8263-168
Portrait Frank-H. von Zukowski

Frank-H. von Zukowski

Managing Director | CFO | COO

Phone+49 6251 8263-150

Advisory Board

Portrait Uli Hellweg

Uli Hellweg

Advisory Board

Portrait Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff

Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff

Advisory Board

Portrait Annett Klingsporn

Annett Klingsporn

Advisory Board

Portrait Dr. Maritta Koch-Weser

Dr. Maritta Koch-Weser

Advisory Board

Portrait Georg Küffner

Georg Küffner

Advisory Board

Portrait Dr. Michael Litterer

Dr. Michael Litterer

Advisory Board

Portrait Dr. Hans-Peter Meister

Dr. Hans-Peter Meister

Shareholder Committee and Board of Advisers

Phone+49 6251 8263-140
Portrait Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer

Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer

Advisory Board

Portrait Prof. Dr. J.-D. Wörner

Prof. Dr. J.-D. Wörner

Advisory Board

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