“As a #workingmum, I always manage everything somehow.”

Almuth Stammen

How long have you been part of the ifok team and where have you been encountered before?

I’ve been with ifok at the Hamburg office since April 2022 – and I’m an agency baby. In a nutshell: first shoots in Berlin in the mid-2000s, then repotted to the Elbe, grew at Havas PR, fischerAppelt and RAIKESCHWERTNER. And in the meantime, it has taken root in Hamburg.

What convinces you every day anew that you are right for your job?

I simply love being in the agency business. I advise clients and design communication – for companies that are (or want to be) moving towards more sustainability.

What drives you in your working life?

What makes me tick? As a #workingmum, I always manage everything somehow. What do I particularly enjoy? Dealing with social change and relevant topics on a daily basis. Known for #shortstorylong.

How do you put sustainability into practice in everyday life?

I’m a big fan of vintage, reuse and cradle-to-cradle – in my private life. Our flat and studio are (almost) 100% furnished with old furniture, as a mum-of-two I am a prime customer on Ebay Classifieds – and even perennials or ornamental shrubs I have dug up somewhere and buried again in our backyard.

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