“Don’t stop until you’re proud!”

Carola Fotidis

Why do you work at ifok?

It’s an exciting task to make ifok visible together with my team colleagues and to see our graphics unit grow and flourish.

I particularly appreciate the freedom and diversity of design. It means responsibility, but it also inspires me time and again to come up with new creative ideas. And that’s what we need, because our many individual projects require more than a simple standard solution.

What motivates me is knowing that we can do sustainable work and make a difference.

Since when have you been working here and where were you previously?

I have been part of the ifok team since August 2020. Before that, I worked as a freelance art director and creatively managed various projects for different agencies. In terms of content, one of my focuses was already on social marketing. However, after my studies as a communication designer, I learned my trade in the classic world of advertising. There I was able to gain many years of experience in international branding at the J&R Group.

What drives you in your working life?

Don’t stop until you’re proud! Or: When do you realize that a task is finished? I approach creative things with a lot of attention to detail and at the same time with a view of the big picture. But I also like to have fun. I also like it when everything is humming and running smoothly. If things get a bit more hectic, I won’t complain😉.

What do you like doing in your free time?

I love classic hardware stores and modern ballet. What do they have in common? They inspire me. In the hardware store I find everything I need to design by hand. My last project was a wall cabinet. Modern ballet dances so many beautiful images and stories … on top of that there is my family and our dog.

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