„Our topics change so quickly that we never do anything twice.“

Portrait Christian Klasen
(c) ifok GmbH

Christian Klasen

What made you decide to work at ifok?  

I started at ifok as a Fellow in the area of communications and environment. Back then, there wasn’t a field called Transport and Mobility, so I got the chance to make ifok the most important and trusted partner for the public sector in this area. If you love a topic, ifok gives you the chance to drive it forward and develop yourself professionally in the process. 

How long have you been at ifok and what were you doing beforehand? 

By the summer of 2020, I will have been at ifok for 10 years. Even before starting here, my working life was just as varied. I was at a communications and strategy consultancy, where I discovered a love for stakeholder engagement. I also worked on energy security at a political foundation in Istanbul and researched sustainable financial products at a bank. 

What sets you apart at the office? 

The societal debate in the field of transport is extremely dynamic. It means that we hardly ever do anything twice. We manage to develop ourselves as a team and anticipate new topics and ways of doing things. It’s really fun to reinvent ourselves so regularly and work with new partners. 

What three things can you not do without on your next long train journey?  

I’m currently at our ifok outpost in Hamburg so I spend a lot of time on trains or in train stations, so my noise cancelling headphones are a must, along with a protective screen for my laptop, coffee and water. Then I feel as if I am in the office. When I am travelling for leisure, I have my family, hiking and ski equipment with me. 

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