„I love long and extensive walks in the forest with my family.“

Portrait Christoph Richter
(c) ifok GmbH

Christoph Richter

Why do you work at ifok?  

This is obvious: for me, working with such motivated and competent colleagues on exciting projects and forward-looking topics really does it for me. Every day there is something new. Plus, we get to work with clients who trust us and value our work. 

How long have you been at ifok and where were you beforehand? 

I have been at ifok since 1 May 2017. Before that, I was in press and PR for a regional development agency. 

What motivates you in your working life? 

My colleagues appreciate my reliability, commitment and down-to-earth approach. It’s also important for me to get off the beaten track and find new, individual solutions to existing problems. I am always open-minded to the interests of my colleagues.  

What do you like doing in your leisure time? 

I love going for long walks in the forest with my wife, our child and our dog. When I am gardening and working on my vegetable patch and flowerbeds, I feel even closer to nature. 

How do you try to live sustainably? 

I try to reduce the amount of waste I generate as far as possible. When that’s not possible, I am conscientious about recycling and composting at home. 

What three things can you not live without on vacation? 

My bike, my running shoes and swimming trunks. 

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