“Accompanying change is my calling.”

Portrait Claudia Sikora
(c) ifok GmbH

Claudia Dienst

Why do you work at ifok?  

Facilitating change processes is my calling in life. I am what you might call a politically motivated criminal. 

How long have you been at ifok and where were you before?  

I have been working on change management processes for 28 years – with leaders, teams and individuals. I have gained experience in a number of different sectors – automotive, manufacturing, IT, finance and insurance, food and health and finally the public sector. The path led me to IFOK in January 2019. 

What drives you in your working life?   

I am known for putting body and soul into my work. I am totally driven by what I do. I consider myself pragmatic, diplomatic and solution-oriented but also good at drawing boundaries. I particularly enjoy working on complex problems with others and finding great new solutions. My credo is: be persistent, right up until the water has formed a new valley. 

What do you like doing in your free time? 

I write thrillers and short stories, like to cook and, when I have time, I go climbing, sailing or diving. 

In which areas do you incorporate sustainability into your life? 

I try to think sustainably in all areas of my life. This isn’t always easy and I am still learning. Recently I discovered wax wrap as an alternative to foil for wrapping up food.  

Which three things can you not live without on a long train journey? 

My water bottle, my handknitted socks and my computer or Kindle. 

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