“I am passionate about ‘my’ projects.”

Silke Eschenbeck

What made you decide to work at ifok?

The projects and the team are what makes ifok so special to me. The fact that I still work at ifok is also due to a high degree of employee orientation: after moving to Stuttgart, I was the first employee to be allowed to work primarily from home. Trust plays a big role: that we do our best and that we get the best tools for it – location isn’t important here!

How long have you been part of the ifok team and where were you before?

I count almost 20 years of service as a veteran: in fact, ifok is my first “real” employer after my studies. I studied music therapy (FH) and after an internship at a classical management consultancy I ended up at ifok in 2001.

What sets you apart at the office?

I put my heart and soul into “my” projects. This triad is important to me: satisfying the customer, offering the participants added value and serving the cause. As a “part-time-mom” ensuring that this succeeds I work very flexibly. I benefit greatly from this freedom – but so do my clients.

What do you do in your spare time?

If there was the quiz show “I know all about chickens” – I would absolutely have a shot at winning! In fact, I spend an incredible amount of time reading all about dear poultry and taking care of my chicken people.

Which three things should not be missing on your next longer train journey?

Headphones, lots of sweets and a laptop

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