“When things get a bit hectic, I’m known for staying calm.”

Miriam Sontheim

What made you decide to work at ifok?

As a born optimist, I have a positive view of the future and like to see the potential in things. And I like to make things better. At ifok, we work every day on projects that have exactly that as their goal: To make the world a little more sustainable, communication a little more open, democracy a little more alive.

And the best thing about it is that I’m in “the best company”, with great, enormously versatile and motivated colleagues and with committed customers.

How long have you been part of the ifok team and where were you before?  

I have been with ifok for 15 years now, with two interruptions due to smaller, two-legged projects outside of ifok. But I have the feeling that I have changed jobs at least six times in the meantime: There were always new tasks, new topics, new challenges before it could have become boring. ifok has also changed again and again, but the things that are important to me have remained the same: The spirit, the committed, creative colleagues, the teamwork, the goal and sense of purpose.

Before and during my studies, I was encountered as a moderator and project manager, in political education and in international organizations.

What do you particularly enjoy in your everyday work at ifok?

I always enjoy the moment when a new task comes along, when we put our heads together with our customers, develop cool ideas and then get something going in a short time. When things get a bit hectic, I’m known for staying calm and confident.

I also have a lot of fun every time I get the chance to take part in a training with new colleagues – and hopefully they too 😊!

What are you particularly sustainable in?

I love it when something new is created from leftovers, whether it be cooking, furnishing or sewing. But preferably when cooking. Because one of my hobbies is definitely eating, preferably home-cooked. I only use recipes for inspiration. And then I’ll see what I can conjure up…

Which three things can you not do without on your next vacation? 

Our green caravan, the hammock and delicious provisions (see above…)

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