“It is fun to make a difference together as a team.”

Tim Santen

What made you decide to work at ifok?

“Shaping change” is a demanding task. It requires persistence, but even small steps are noticeable and motivating. It is fun to be able to make a difference together as a team.

How long have you been part of the ifok team and where were you before?

After an “East Westphalian” career via education, university and a spokesman’s job at the biggest football club in the region, I took the plunge into the Hamburg agency world in 2018. Since the takeover of RAIKESCHWERTNER in spring 2022, I now work for ifok in the beautiful MediaFleet.

What sets you apart at the office?

Too often I have an annoying earworm on my lips and I don’t walk smoothly. At least that’s what my colleagues say – we have to believe them.

In which areas do you act in a particularly sustainable way?

I managed to give up meat overnight and am enjoying life without a car to the fullest.

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