Eva-Maria Hoffmann

Eva joined IFOK in 2011. As a consultant, she works on projects with a focus on youth participation, future labour policies and work environments.

What do you like about IFOK?

My daily work is incredibly diverse: I work on different projects, different issues and for exciting clients from government, business and civil society.

What brought you to IFOK’s office in Bensheim?

During my studies, I volunteered for Masifunde, an educational support non-profit organisation which is also supported by IFOK. Through IFOK’s cooperation with Masifunde, I got to know the company and took part in its Young Professionals programme. My first job after my degree was as a project manager for a project that Masifunde and IFOK had initiated together. After a year, the funding for the project came to an end and IFOK asked if I wanted to join the team, working full-time as a consultant on the You Think Future project, a creative dialogue that engaged 15,000 young people to engage in an exchange with private sector representatives . I really enjoyed working with IFOK in my old job, so I decided to join and stay! I also still work for Masifunde as an Advisory Member of the organisation’s board.

For your Master’s Thesis you looked into participative processes in South Africa. What made you pick this topic?

I wanted to think outside the box! Whilst taking part in IFOK’s Young Professionals Programme I had learned so much about participation and participative processes that, together with my volunteer work at Masifunde in South Africa, it seemed a natural fit – and a very interesting one!

What spurs you on?

I love to facilitate – everything from small working groups of youngsters in workshops to large citizen consultations. And I really enjoy working with people.

Do you become nervous before those sorts of events?

Today I rarely lose my cool. Facilitating a working group meeting in English fazes me a little, but then I just think of my personal motto: Use the opportunity!

And finally: What would you like to share with our applicants / prospective colleagues? What advice would you give them?

I would advise that when they think about working with IFOK they think about how both their personal and professional strengths can contribute to IFOK’s work. For example,volunteering is something IFOK is keen to see and support. A good degree of personal, professional and substantive flexibility is also important. IFOK as a company works to shape change. That can also be seen in our day-to-day work – there is almost no such thing as a “normal” day in the office. There is always something different, something changing and new to discover – which is what makes working here so exciting!

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