Human Resources & Organisational Development


// The person in personnel policy as a critical success factor. //

Globalisation presents new challenges, influences and developments for personnel policy. These include daily cooperation between different cultures and value systems, the growing importance of project and team work, the increase international and cross-sectoral networks and an ever-higher need for education, training and adaptation.

Added to this are issues such as demographic change, to which companies and organisations respond with continuous change. It is an issue which challenges, and overwhelms, both managers and employees. The personal aspect of personnel management are becoming the decisive competitive factor in the modern knowledge-based economy.

We help companies to find tailored solutions to increasingly universal questions: How do I find and keep the right employees? How do I mobilise my workforce? How do I design a lifecycle-oriented personnel policy and a flexible, productive work environment? We provide our clients with the necessary tools to answer these challenging questions through insights into trends, access to relevant networks, tapping into the knowledge held by employees and managers, and our many years of expertise in the field.

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